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ISC® VSI Conversions

Have a VSI Crusher and would like to improve the performance, increase production, and reduce overall costs?  You should consider an ISC® VSI Conversion.  Click the link below for our interactive ISC® VSI Conversion Data Sheet.  Simply type in the requested information in the shaded areas, save to file, and email the completed form to ISC® at: 

Link To: ISC® VSI Conversion Data

No matter what brand of VSI Crusher you own ISC® has the ability to design and provide a crushing chamber conversion package to increase your crusher's performance and improve it's durability.

The ISC® design changes can allow an increase in feed size capabilty, extended wear life, reduced cost per ton, and increased thruput tonnage. We also have the ability to improve the product to waste ratio to increase your production rate.

We can also install additional features to advance your crusher's serviceability and improve it's operational safety.

At ISC® we have designed and currently manufacture ten (10) different Models of VSI Crushers so we are ideally suited to size the correct crushing chamber upgrade for your application. Because we actually build the crushers ourselves it's a straight forward process to modify our crushing components to properly fit your machine.

Coupled with our years of field experience we have succesfully converted several hundred competitive VSI crushers in a wide range of applications.

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