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About Us

Photo of Don Warren in 1967 standing proudly next to his first designed and patented Model 54-VSI Crusher.  The crushing chamber geometry that Don invented is still utilized today.

In 1967, Donald R. Warren of Crusher Service Company in Spokane, Washington developed and patented a VSI Crusher that in 1969 became CIMCO (Centrifugal Impact Manufacturing Company). In 1970 CIMCO was sold and in 1973 became known as SPOKANE Crusher. Don's son, Ken Warren, was involved in all aspects of the development, engineering, sales, and service of the SPOKANE Crusher. In 1982 Scott Rabey joined Ken Warren to form a Wear Parts Division to sell Wear Parts and Crushing Chamber Updates to SPOKANE Crushers and other competitive VSI Crushers. In late 1983 Kolberg-Pioneer purchased SPOKANE Crusher.

When SPOKANE Crusher was sold, Ken Warren and Scott Rabey started ISC® on March 12, 1984 with the intent to service the existing SPOKANE Crushers with parts and service. ISC® developed many improved parts and components for the SPOKANE machines over the years with substantial improvement to wear life and performance. Many of the improved parts designs were incorporated in other types of VSI crushers across the USA to improve the performance capabilities.

ISC® started in Ken's home, initially Ken and Scott utilized their personal vehicles for sales calls in the Northwestern USA. In early 1985, ISC® moved into a 2,400 sq. ft. leased office/warehouse facility to allow space required to stock parts for local customers. ISC® started to recondition and repair fabricated and machined components for SPOKANE Crusher customers, and offered this service along with replacement wear parts of ISC® designs. ISC® then started to manufacture new fabricated and machined components with improved ISC® designs. ISC® also bought used VSI Crushers and reconditioned them for resale.

In 1986 a customer asked ISC® if they could provide him with a complete new crusher, as he was very pleased with the upgraded used reconditioned machine ISC® had previously supplied.  ISC® manufactured their first new VSI Crusher, and from there they have constantly continued with improvements to the VSI that have expanded the capabilities of the machines along with substantially improving the wear life of the replacement parts. Since their first machine, they have sold hundreds of new ISC® machines worldwide and have converted even more competitive VSI machines.  ISC® also manufactures Portable Chassis, Stationary Support Frames, and Conveyors. By 1993 ISC® had secured 4 additional bays totaling 6,000 sq. ft. of leased office/warehouse space and was needing more space.

In 1994, ISC® bought a new 22,000 sq. ft. facility to expand their production and capability of manufacturing their full line of VSI Crushers. ISC® expanded their product offering to nine model sizes over the next several years to allow a full and complimentary size range for greater feed size and application capabilities.  In 2009 ISC® purchased the adjoining acreage to allow the ability one day to expand the facility even larger.

In March of 2024, ISC® proudly celebrates 40 years dedicated to the manufacture and service of VSI Crushers. Since their beginning, they have continually strived to provide The Standard of Excellence in VSI Crusher and Wear Parts as well as crushing chamber designs that have established ISC® as the industry leader in VSI technology.  ISC® has spent many years perfecting their machines to stand up to the duty expected of a crusher in a quarry environment.  They firmly believe the ISC® machine is the most durable and dependable machine available with advanced technology that is field proven.

Today ISC® employs a staff of twenty-two (22) individuals which represents over 350 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of
VSI Crushers.

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